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Finishing Pet Stylist 102

8 WEEK COURSE |$6000

Must take Assistant Pet Stylist 101 before Finishing Pet Stylist 102

Course Objectives:

Upon Completion of this course the student should be able to understand and demonstrate:

  • Why and how to Outline Shape

  • Proper Guide Blade Techniques

  • Fine Finish Techniques

  • The Five Major Breed Designs – Poodle, Long-legged Terrier, Spaniel, Teddy Bear, Short-legged Terrier and how the skills required for these Breed Designs transfer to the other Breeds.

  • Proper Scissoring and Thinning Shear Techniques

  • Professionalism in Pet Styling

  • Dental Hygiene

  • How to Prioritize your Time

  • Cat Grooming 

  • Salon Management

  • How to do Bow Application and Creative Grooming Techniques and Finishing Touches

The Finishing Pet Stylist course will teach students the following procedures:


  1. Outlining Shape    

  2. Guide Blade Techniques           

  3. Fine Finish Techniques               

  4. Breed Designs                  

  5. Dental Hygiene

  6. Scissoring

  7. Prioritizing Time

  8. Creative Finishing Touches

  9. Individualized Customer Request Styling

  10. Cat Grooming

  11. Salon Management

  12. Professionalism

Let us help you prepare with your pet grooming journey


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